Here are some of the testimonials I have received, both from my tutoring work with the Open University and from independent writing workshops I have held:

‘Your students have really appreciated your support, guidance and enthusiasm’. (Dr. Paula James, Arts Faculty, The Open University)

‘Carolyn taught on the final presentation of A174 (2011J) and did an all-round excellent job, showing herself to be a thoroughly professional, dedicated and student-oriented teacher…able to provide an enabling and unintimidating space for her students’ learning.’ (Dr. Jessica Davies, Senior Arts faculty Manager, The Open University, Wales)

‘It is very clear that students have highly valued your encouragement and support. The comments are exceptionally positive …this is outstanding.’ (Dr Fay Moorat, Faculty of Education & Languages, The Open University)

Commendation from The Open University (2010/11)
‘I am pleased to tell you that your name has been put forward by two of your students for commendation.’( Liz Gray, Regional Director, The Open University, 2010):-

‘Carolyn’s responses to our work are always well considered and extensive. She puts effort in above and beyond the call of her duty and has always given us fantastic encouragement in a subject in which we need self-confidence to flourish.’ (Kate, student, Surrey)

‘She is totally supportive, the tutorials are more than helpful and she gets the most from her students.’ (Joanne, student, Tonbridge)

Creative Future series of writing workshops:
‘Lovely friendly groups, inspiration is flowing. Everyone is accepted and encouraged…the groups are disability friendly’. (Wendy, Hailsham)

Session for Surrey Women’s breast Cancer Support Group:

‘A safe and supportive environment to explore ideas…a very enjoyable experience.’ (Linda, Caterham)

‘Did not realise how interesting writing could be. I was not at all sure about attending the taster evening but more than pleased I did.’ (Evelyn, Surrey)

‘We were all made to feel relaxed and despite initial nerves and shyness, ended up with everyone in the group volunteering to share their work.’ (Jo, Surrey)

A one-day Home workshop for Creative Writing 2012:

‘You even managed to get me to speak to the group, at which I’m not generally much good…this may even encourage me to write – who knows!’ (Anne, Horsham, W. Sussex)

‘Thank you so much Carolyn. Such fun and really inspiring. You have a wonderful way of putting us all at ease.’ (Dawn, Horsham, W. Sussex)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It helped me to relax and to write outside of my work context.’ (Emilie, Horsham, W. Sussex)

‘Thank you for making us feel so welcome in your home. I have recently been unwell and my visit has been a real tonic! A very special thank you.’ (Janet, Horsham, W. Sussex)

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